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Countless time planning your operation?

A new order arrives, you have to bill your customer, pay your suppliers, track your order, do quality inspection, ship to customer, and install the product or after sales services. An average VAR retailer has to manage 20 tasks PER ORDER.. All this while coordinating your sales, purchase, admin, storage and service departments.

Simple and Fast

You just need to specify the customer, the suppliers and the amounts to pay and Fluxy automatically will create and assign tasks, and notify everyone involved so they can start working. Stop wasting time managing your teams tasks.

With Fluxy you spend time on things that actually will bring your orders to your customers, you can see a fast one shot view of all your orders with status and critical tasks. Never again you have spend countless hours in meetings, searching in email, whatsapp text and audio or your notebook to find out who and when should finish tasks.

Save 60% time

Real-time Metrics

Fluxy provides real time information about your project so that employees, managers and customers can have up-to-date status about all orders.


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$ 10/mo/user

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